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SAB Academy cater students with a number of significant facilities and is one of the leading educational institutions.

Expert teachers

SAB Academy is blessed with excellent , very helpful , dedicated and highly experienced teachers to provide quality education to students effortlessly.

Healthy Environment

We at SAB Academy value the educational environment highly. A good and healthy environment is always maintained here between students and teachers.

Trusted certifications

SAB Academy is a reputed educational institution. We have tied up with several leading universities. Our certificates are well valued everywhere.

Excellent Facilities

We are providing students with excellent facilities to enrich their experience here. Our well equipped library, labs, classrooms etc are bright examples.


We welcome you to join in our journey to competitive World.

Since 2016, SAB Academy has established itself as one of the leading educational institutions in Odisha. We value quality education and are working relentlessly towards providing it to students. Education is termed as overall development of human being. SAB Academy is looking forward to train their students in every aspects of life so that they can compete in this world of fierce competition.

We at SAB Academy is having a rich culture of catering top notch education to our students. Their results reflect in our performance. Our teachers are well trained, highly experienced in their respective fields of education at the same time very cooperative. We always try to maintain friendly atmosphere and involve everyone for the betterment of the institution.

If you are looking for an extremely wide range of courses that you just simply can’t find anywhere else, then look no further. Here at SAB Academy, we boast all competitive courses that we not only offer at our center, but also in online mode. For the last 4 years SAB Academy has proven itself as a pioneer in providing good educational facilities.

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SAB Academy provides you with several competitive courses.


1) For the benefit of the students, we provide number of theory classes which are more than double the classes allotted in other institutions along with double clearing sessions and tutorial classes.

2) Regular examinations, based on counsel pattern are held.

3) Progress reports are regularly sent to the parents through SMS/E-mail.

4) In consultation with students and parents we have drawn up a feedback system which contains full details of performance of our faculty members.

5) It is an institution in which you can also develop a cultural and artistic life.